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Game of War Siege Tower

Siege Towers are the Tier 3 siege units. They are weak against all troop types and for this reason should not be used to attack armies on resource tiles.

Like all siege units Siege Towers are strong against city defences i.e. wall traps. You should therefore always include siege units when attacking a player city with lots of traps. The downside is they are the most expensive Tier 3 troop to build.

Siege Towers are the strongest siege unit you can train in Game of War without spending real money to unlock Tier 4 troops. So for the casual player this will form a large part of your offensive army when attacking player cities.

Siege Towers require roughly 50% more resources and take twice as long as to train than Ballista.

Reseach Requirements

Level WoodGame of War Wood SilverGame of War Silver FoodGame of War Food OreGame of War Ore StoneGame of War Stone Time Requirements Rewards
1 800,000 1,280,000 800,000 600,000 800,000 24d Academy 15, Guardians Unlocks Siege Towers

Build Costs
StoneGame of War Stone 150
WoodGame of War Wood 150
OreGame of War Ore 115
FoodGame of War Food 150
SilverGame of War Silver 10
General stats
Upkeep 3
Power 36
Load 15
Speed 1
Battle Stats
Attack 3
Defence 3
Health 3
Strong vs. Defenses
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