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Game of War Onager

Onagers are the Tier 4 Siege units. They are weak against all troop types and for this reason should not be used to attack armies on resource tiles.

Onagers are the strongest possible unit against city defences i.e. wall traps. They also have the highest power and troop load of any unit. The downside is they are the most expensive troop to build in the game.

In order to unlock Onagers you must also max the entire combat research tree including siege defense and attack.

Onagers are over six times more expensive than their T3 counter parts Siege Towers , but do offer a significant increase in stats.

Reseach Requirements

Level WoodGame of War Wood StoneGame of War Stone OreGame of War Ore SiverGame of War Silver FoodGame of War Food Time Requirements Rewards Power
1 9,600,000 9,600,000 7,200,000 15,360,000 9,600,000 288d Academy 21, Siege Defense 10, Marksmen Unlocks Onagers 768,000

Build Costs
StoneGame of War Stone 1,000
WoodGame of War Wood 1,000
OreGame of War Ore 750
FoodGame of War Food 1,000
SilverGame of War Silver 500
General stats
Upkeep 4
Power 48
Load 30
Speed 0
Battle Stats
Attack 4
Defence 4
Health 4
Strong vs. Defenses
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