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Research in Game of War: Fire Age allows you to unlock new troops and traps, raise your defense, increase your health and boost your attack stats. It also provides economic boosts to your city and increases your Hero’s strength.

Machine Zone has expanded the research trees significantly since the launch of the game. Strategic troops and traps were released with their own research trees. The Hero tree was added allowing further customisation to your Hero. The Restorative tree added the ability to train troops cheaper and faster and more recently the crafting tree was added with the addition of Core Equipment.

Due to the huge resource and time cost the research trees have, you will need to prioritize what you decide to unlock first based on your game play syle.

Research is accessed in your Academy and is broken down into the following categories:-

Game of War Set Bonus Research Game of War Defense Research Game of War March Research Game of War Crafting Research Game of War Restorative Research Game of War Hero Research Game of War Combat Research Game of War Strategic Combat Research Game of War Strategic Wall Traps Game of War Economics Research Game of War Wall Traps Research

Alliance city research can be found here