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In Game of War: Fire Age, 4th, 5th and 6th Piece slots allow you to add additional pieces to a Core above the standard 3 slots which are unlocked by default.

Cores and pieces are combined to form short duration items with various attributes. Each piece added to a core adds additional stats to the end item and therefore results in more powerful core equipment.

The 4th piece is relatively cheap to unlock and has a short research time, unfortunately the 5th and 6th piece slots are much more expensive and have very long research timers.

Once you have unlocked all three slots you will have effectively doubled the stats you can add to a core, which can dramatically increase your battle stats and give you the edge in end game wars.

The table below shows the resource cost and rewards for each additional piece slot.

  Reward WoodGame of War Wood StoneGame of War Stone FoodGame of War Food OreGame of War Ore SilverGame of War Silver Time Requirements Power
Game of War Fourth Piece Crafting Slot 4th Piece Crafting Slot 2,728,380 2,748,380 2,307,690 2,276,230 2,538,100 30d 17h 55m Academy 15,
Crafting Speed 4
Game of War Fifth Piece Crafting Slot 5th Piece Crafting Slot 152,683,000 125,987,000 133,120,000 120,651,000 149,818,000 3428d 5h 13m Academy 21,
4th Gem Slot Normal Helm
Game of War Sixth Piece Crafting Slot 6th Piece Crafting Slot 144,814,240 119,494,060 126,259,450 114,433,060 142,096,890 4139d 16h 43m Academy 21,
5th Piece Crafting Slot
Total - - - - - - - - -

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