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Game of War University

The University allows players to study new alliance research (think alliance city version of the Academy). It is an urban building and must be built within your cities walls.

So far only the economics research tree has been released which mirrors the normal economics tree (although the bonuses are lower). Researching requires the new alliance city resources iron, lumber, bricks and cider.

This will bring a whole new level to alliance recruitment. Think about the game right now - all you really have to attract potential members is your alliance power and perhaps your gift level.

Now imagine a future where alliances promote themselves based their university research level. Joining an alliance may provide you with an instant boost to economic production and army strength!

Another knock on effect of the vast resources needed to research alliance abilities, will be player donations. Don’t be surprised if the top alliances start putting monthly donation requirements on players to stay in the alliance, so that everyone contributes to the city.

We anticipate players with a large number of high level farms will be in great demand, as info from beta suggests the resource requirements are a significant burden on players. The downside of all this will be to put a greater distance between new players and the older or high spending players.

As soon as we gain access to the alliance research trees, we will be adding them to the other research tables here at Appsorium.

Research Rewards

The table below shows the research boost for each building level. This applies to alliance research and player research!

Level 1 2 3 4 5
Research 0.5% 1% 1.5% 2% 2.5%


Building Costs

The table below shows the resource cost to upgrade a your University. We will update more build costs as soon as the data is available.

Level IronIron BricksBricks LumberLumber CiderCider DeedsGame of War Building Blueprint Time Requirements Might
1 2,500 6,250 6,250 3,750 100 12d 1h 0m Headquarters 1 44,476
2 4,500 11,250 11,250 6,750 125 18d 1h 12m Headquarters 2 73,087
3 8,100 20,250 20,250 12,150 150 27d 1h 48m Headquarters 3 111,480
4 18,964 47,385 47,385 28,438 175 40d 14h 42m Headquarters 4 167,325
5 38,081 95,138 95,138 57,094 200 59d 19h 12m Headquarters 5 242,638

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