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Game of War Mint

The Mint generates coins - a brand new resource for your city. The Mint is an urban building and must be built inside your alliance city walls. The Mint appears to have replaced the Fountain, an early building added to Beta which has since been removed.

Coins are used in all Alliance City research, which is carried out at the university.

Coins are produced using ore and silver. There is a slider in your mint which lets you set how many coins you wish to produce. Smaller batch sizes are more efficient i.e. use less silver and ore per coin, but take much longer to produce. Larger batch sizes are less efficient, but much quicker to produce.

Alliances will have to weigh up the cost verses time to decide how much to produce. Coin production can be sped up using alliance city speed ups.

Upgrading your mint increases the efficiency at which you produce coins i.e. requiring less resources and reduces the time needed for conversion. The first table below shows the savings for each building level.

The second table shows the build costs. Once more data is released we will update the table below with the build requirements and time for each building level.

Building Rewards

The table below shows the increase in production efficiency and reduciton in time for each building level.

Level 1 2 3 4 5
Resource Conversion Efficiency 6.65% 16.63% 33.26% 49.9% 66.53%
Time Conversion Efficiency 10% 25% 50% 75% 100%


Building Costs

The table below shows build costs for each building level. We will update the data as it's made available.

Level WoodWood StoneStone FoodFood OreOre BlueprintsGame of War Building Blueprint Time Might
1 2,570,131 1,991,851 10,537,536 449,773 25 7d 10h 12m 24,844

Level IronIron BricksBricks LumberLumber CiderCider DeedsGame of War Building Blueprint Time Requirements Might
2 159 638 638 1,594 30 20d 15h 0m Headquarters 2 65,699
3 245 975 975 2,438 35 48d 12h 42m Headquarters 3 140,627
4 375 1,493 1,493 3,732 40 89d 15h 29m Headquarters 4 244,718
5 574 2,285 1,493 5,709 45 144d 6h 8m Headquarters 5 379,750

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