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Game of War Ironworks

The Ironworks is a rural building which converts ore and stone into Iron - the building is currently capped at level 5 in beta. Iron is a brand new resource for your Alliance City.

Iron is used in the construction of buildings and for alliance research. All buildings require the normal in game resources to initially build, but for building levels 2 and above, you are required to use the new resources: Iron, lumber, brick and cider.

Starting at level 1 you can produce a minimum of 1,000 Iron in one run, however this will take a significant amount of time at 83 days, but it is very cheap at under 1 million in normal resources.

The more you produce in one run, the faster your production time. Taking the level 1 refinery and upping a production run to 5,000 Iron would only take 16 hours, but it would cost you just shy of half a billion in normal resources.

As you start to increase the production run further the cost becomes exponentially higher. This means there is a sweet spot in the middle where you have to balance time vs material cost to build.

Upgrading your Ironworks increases the resource conversion efficiency (less resources to make your Iron) and the time conversion (production is faster). In addition it increases the minimum amount you can produce. For example with a level 5 Ironworks you have to produce a minimum of 25,000 Iron in 1 run.

Much like the resource tiles in your own city, the Ironworks must be built outside the Alliance City walls.

Upgrade Rewards

The table below shows boost in resource conversion efficiency and time conversion efficiency for each building level.

Level 1 2 3 4 5
Resource Conversion Efficiency 6.65% 16.63% 33.26% 49.9% 66.53%
Time Conversion Efficiency 10% 25% 50% 75% 100%


Building Costs

The table below shows the resource cost to upgrade your Ironworks. We will update more build costs as soon as the data is available.

Level WoodWood StoneStone FoodFood DeedsGame of War Building Blueprint Requirements Time Might
1 6,425,327 4,497,729 12,850,654 25 Headquarters 1 6d 19h 37m 20,543

Level BricksBricks LumberLumber CiderCider DeedsGame of War Building Blueprint Time Requirements Might
2 1,594 1,594 1,594 30 18d 22h 30m Headquarters 2 52,797
3 2,438 2,438 2,438 35 44d 12h 55m Headquarters 3 111,577
4 3,736 3,736 3,736 40 82d 7h 27m Headquarters 4 194,825
5 5,720 5,720 5,720 45 132d 10h 52m Headquarters 5 301,302

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