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Game of War Headquarters

The Headquarters is the alliance equivalent of your Stronghold. It determines the level of your Alliance City and is the cap at which you can raise all other buildings in your city.

The level 1 Headquarters is granted on construction of your Alliance City and the resource cost is huge. In addition to large quantities of the usual resources, your alliance will also need a certain number of Building Deeds to upgrade each level.

Deeds currently cost 100 gold each and therefore the first level will cost 650,000 gold to construct. It is possible to reduce the price down to 70 gold if you buy in bulk lots of 100,000.

You can also obtain Deeds from monster drops.

In order to upgrade buildings players must donate resources through the Market Place (with the usual tax applied to donations). The new skills released in the March Research Tree will be essential to reduce tax rates. It should be noted that no tax is applied to Deeds donated.

All resources donated are sent via a new building called the Resource Silo, which is build inside the Alliance city. All buildings in your city are currently capped at level 5.

You can see below the vast number of resources needed to build a Level 1 Headquarters at over 7 billion in total! We will add the resource requirements and rewards for further levels as the information is released.

Building Costs

The tables below shows the resource cost to upgrade each level. The first level for each alliance building requires the old resources collected in game. Each level thereafter requires the new resources which are generated in your alliance city.

Level WoodWood StoneStone FoodFood OreOre SilverSilver DeedsGame of War Building Blueprint Time
1 998,250,000 954,992,500 1,135,509,375 873,468,750 748,468,750 2,500 30d 0h 0m

Level IronIron BricksBricks LumberLumber CiderCider DeedsGame of War Building Blueprint Time Requirements Might
2 13,500 33,750 33,750 16,875 500 45d 3h 0m Hall of Quests 1 151,706
3 24,300 60,750 60,750 30,375 750 67d 16h 30m Resource Silo 2 231,397
4 37,911 94,770 94,770 47,385 1,000 101d 12h 45m Resource Silo 3 347,316
5 76,125 190,276 190,276 95,138 1,250 145d 12h 0m Resource Silo 4,
Hall of Quests 4


The table below shows the resource donation size bonus (the amount players can donate to the alliance city in one march) for each level.

Level 1 2 3 4 5
Donation Size 50,000 61,400 75,300 92,400 113,400

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