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Game of War Hall of Quests

The Hall of Quests allows individual players to participate in alliance city quests, which contribute to a quest meter (similar to the VIP quest meter).

Once the quest meter is full your whole alliance is rewarded with a gift. In addition to this, rewards are granted to individual alliance members for completing each quest.

Upgrading your Hall of Quests increases the number of quests available to alliance members. At level 1 your alliance can complete 25 quests before waiting for the quest timer to refresh. Once you have upgraded your building to level 5, you will be able to offer 60 quests to your alliance.

This is an urban building and therefore must be constructed within your alliance city walls. You will also need to have built a level 1 University before you can unlock this building and it will set you back just under 1 billion of each resource to construct, plus 1,569 building blueprints!

The quests reward players with loyalty, alliance funds and resources and follow the same quality types as the normal quests. Currently no materials are rewarded.

Quest Rewards

The table below shows the number of quests available for each building level.

Level 1 2 3 4 5
Quests 25 30 50 55 60


Building Costs

The table below shows build costs for each building level. We will update the data as it's made available.

Level IronIron BricksBricks LumberLumber CiderCider DeedsGame of War Building Blueprint Time Requirements Might
1 1,250 2,500 1,250 3,750 75 21d 1h 0m University 1 52,870
2 2,250 4,500 2,250 6,750 90 31d 14h 6m Brickworks 2, University 2 89,490
3 4,050 8,100 4,050 12,150 105 47d 9h 9m Lumber Mill 3, University 3 138,253
4 9,490 18,964 9,490 28,438 120 71d 1h 43m Lumber Mill 4, University 4 206,807
5 19,068 38,081 19,068 57,094 135 104d 15h 36m Mint 5, Ironworks 5, University 5 300,910

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