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Game of War Cider Mill

The Cider Mill is a rural building which converts silver and food into Cider. Cider is a brand new resource for your Alliance City.

Cider is used to upgrade your alliance city buildings over and above level 1, along with the other new resources: iron, lumber and bricks. It is also used in alliance research.

The conversion process works very similar to the Ironworks (see details of how here). The only difference is the resources required are different, as it uses silver and food instead of stone and ore in the process.

Upgrading your Cider Mill increases the resource conversion efficiency (using fewer resources to make your cider) and reduces the time conversion (so production is faster). It also increases the minimum amount you can produce.

Alliances will need a significant amount of cider and the other new resources to upgrade their buildings.

Upgrade Rewards

The table below shows boost in resource conversion efficiency and time conversion efficiency for each building level.

Level 1 2 3 4 5
Resource Conversion Efficiency 6.65% 16.63% 33.26% 49.9% 66.53%
Time Conversion Efficiency 10% 25% 50% 75% 100%


Building Costs

The table below shows the resource cost to upgrade each level of your Cider Mill. We will update more build costs as soon as the data is available.

Level WoodWood StoneStone FoodFood OreOre DeedsGame of War Building Blueprint Requirements Time Might
1 6,425,327 6,425,327 3,855,196 4,497,729 25 Headquarters 1 6d 18h 0m 20,395

Level SteelSteel BricksBricks LumberLumber DeedsGame of War Building Blueprint Time Requirements Might
2 1,594 1,594 1,594 30 18d 18h 0m Headquarters 2 52,417
3 2,438 2,438 2,438 35 44d 2h 20m Headquarters 3 110,775
4 3,736 3,736 3,736 40 81d 11h 53m Headquarters 4 193,425
5 5,720 5,720 5,720 45 131d 3h 24m Headquarters 5 299,137

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