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Clash of Clans Hog Rider

In Clash of Clans the Hog Rider is a Dark Elixir troop trained in the Dark Barracks. They are the second Dark Elixir troop unlocked and have the ability to jump over walls, making them a very versatile unit.

Hog Riders have decent health, good damage and take up 5 housing spaces at the Army Camp. They are relatively quick to build, but will cost a significant amount of Dark Elixir to train in large numbers.

Like the Giant, the Hog Rider will target defenses first. They are in fact better suited than Giants at taking down defenses faster, due to their higher damage per second and their wall jumping ability. Giants are still the unit of choice for lot players, as they are much cheaper to build

Hog Riders are pretty tough to destroy due to their high health. Like Giants they are also venerable to spring traps, especially when grouped together. Probably the most dangerous trap for a Hog Rider is a Giant Bombs, which will do 1.5x normal damage and can easily take out large groups of Hog Riders in one hit.

Inferno Towers are the only defensive building good at taking out large numbers of Hog Riders in one go. This is due to their heal blocking ability and area effect damage. Defending against them can be difficult, you need to keep your buildings well protected with Inferno Towers.

Hog Riders can only be researched up to level 5 and whilst they receive a significant attack and health boost, the cost in Dark Elixir to build a level 5 troop is significantly higher than level 1.

The tables below outline the stats for each research level and the general stats applicable to Hog Riders.

Upgrade Stats

CostClash of Clans Elixir
Damage per
secondClash of Clans Damage per second

Hit PointsClash of Clans Hit Points
CostClash of Clans Elixir

Research Time
1 40 60 270 - - -
2 45 70 312 20,000 5 8d
3 52 80 360 30,000 6 10d
4 58 92 415 40,000 6 12d
5 65 105 475 50,000 7 14d

General Stats

Training Time

Troop SpaceClash of Clans Capacity

Movement Speed


Attack Type
Barracks Level
2m 5 24 0.6 tiles Melee Ground 2
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