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Clash of Clans Dragon

In Clash of Clans the Dragon is a flying unit that does large amounts of area effect damage to ground units. The Dragon will generally just target the nearest building to it, regardless of the building type.

Dragons have very high damage and hit points, and are therefore one of the strongest troops in the game. They can also attack air units when defending in the Clan Castle. Their biggest downside is that they are very expensive to train and are venerable to air defenses.

Generally you should consider taking out the air defenses with other units first, but several dragons are perfectly capable of despatching air defenses themselves. Dragons require a lot of Elixir to train and this is generally their most prohibitive aspect, as it is just not cost effective to send several Dragons on an attack.

Dragons are hard to defend against, especially in large numbers. The only real strategy is to make sure all of your air defenses are upgraded as high as possible. You should also try and make sure your air defenses are not near the outside of your town, and therefore harder to destroy quickly.

The tables below outline the stats for each research level and the general stats applicable to Dragons.

Upgrade Stats

CostClash of Clans Elixir
Damage per
secondClash of Clans Damage per second

Hit PointsClash of Clans Hit Points
CostClash of Clans Elixir
1 25,000 140 1,900 - - -
2 30,000 160 2,100 2,000,000 5 7d
3 36,000 180 2,300 3,000,000 6 10d
4 42,000 200 2,500 8,000,000 8 14d

General Stats

Training Time Troop SpaceClash of Clans Capacity Movement Speed Range Attack Type Barracks Level
30m 20 16 3 tiles Ground & Air 9
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