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Clash of Clans Barbarian

In Clash of Clans the Barbarian is the entry level Tier 1 troop and the first troop to be unlocked at the Barracks. Barbarians are cheap to build, quick to train and have the highest health out of the Tier 1 troops.

Barbarians will tend to group together in large numbers and are therefore vulnerable to area attacks such as the Mortar. They bunch up against walls and will often attack multiple parts of the wall, so ideally you should use a Wall Breaker first.

Barbarians will target the nearest building first regardless of the type, so care should be taken with their placing during an attack. A large army of Barbarians can be used to quickly destroy buildings, which can be very effective providing they are not under attack by an area effect defense.

Barbarians can be used to great effect with Giants. This is achieved by sending a few Giants in first to draw the fire of the Towns defenses, whilst sending a large army of Barbarians to burn down the buildings rapidly.

The tables below outline the stats for each research level and the general stats applicable to the Barbarian.

Upgrade Stats

CostClash of Clans Elixir
Damage per
secondClash of Clans Damage per second

Hit PointsClash of Clans Hit Points
CostClash of Clans Elixir
1 25 8 45 - - -
2 40 11 54 50,000 1 6h
3 60 14 65 150,000 3 1d
4 80 18 78 500,000 5 3d
5 100 23 95 1,500,000 6 5d
6 150 26 110 4,500,000 7 10d

General Stats

Training Time Troop SpaceClash of Clans Capacity Movement Speed Range Attack Type Barracks Level
20s 1 16 0.4 tiles Melee Ground 1
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