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Clash of Clans Balloon

In Clash of Clans the Balloon is a slow moving hot air balloon that drops bombs on enemy Towns. They are the slowest unit in the game, but do very high area affect damage on ground targets. The Balloon is the first aerial unit unlocked in Clash of Clans.

Balloons are extremely venerable to air attacks and you should therefore aim to eliminate all Archer Towers, Air Defenses and Wizard Towers before deploying them. They can only drop bombs directly under their path, but the damage is very high and therefore makes quick work of the buildings below. Balloons also cause damage when they are destroyed, crashing into the ground in an explosion.

Balloons very useful in single player as the air defenses are usually relatively easy to take out early on. Unlike multiplayer attacks, there is no time limit on single player raids which means a few Balloons can slowly take out all the ground units and win you the map.

The tables below outline the stats for each research level and the general stats applicable to Balloons.

Upgrade Stats

CostClash of Clans Elixir
Damage per
secondClash of Clans Damage per second

Hit PointsClash of Clans Hit Points
CostClash of Clans Elixir
1 2,000 25 150 - - -
2 2,500 32 180 150,000 2 1d
3 3,000 48 216 450,000 4 2d
4 3,500 72 280 1,350,000 5 3d
5 4,000 108 390 2,500,000 6 5d
6 4,500 162 545 6,000,000 7 10d

General Stats

Training Time Troop SpaceClash of Clans Capacity Movement Speed Range Attack Type Barracks Level
8m 5 10 1.2 tiles Ground Area 1.2 3
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