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Clash of Clans Walls

In Clash of Clans your Walls allow you to protect buildings from melee attacks and slows the progress of troops reaching the center of your town. You should aim to put your resource stores, your Town Hall and your defenses inside your Walls where possible.

Walls are first unlocked at Town Hall level 2 where you will be granted 25 wall tiles. Each level you upgrade your Town Hall increases the number of wall tiles by an additional 25 (50 from levels 6 to 7 and levels 7 to 8), maxing out at 250 for a level 9 Town Hall and above.

Ranged attackers such as Wizards and Archers can shoot over walls, however they may still need to break through them eventually to reach buildings at the center of your Town.

Wall Breakers specifically target the nearest wall to them in order to break a gap through your wall perimeter. Once a gap has been made troops will generally flow freely through into your town.

Once you have enough wall tiles you can protect key buildings by individually enclosing them in a walls. The advantage of this strategy is that troops will have to break through each wall perimeter to get to the building. If you have a single perimeter surrounding your whole town then one gap will allow troops to enter your town.

Upgrading your Wall increases its hitpoints. Walls are built and upgraded instantly, but they do require a free builder in order to do this. The table below breaks down the build cost and hitpoints to upgrade each level.

Level Image Build CostClash of Clans Coin Total CostClash of Clans Coin Hit PointsClash of Clans Hit Points Town Hall Level
1 Clash of Clans Wall Level 1 200 200 300 2
2 Clash of Clans Wall Level 2 1,000 1,200 500 2
3 Clash of Clans Wall Level 3 5,000 6,200 700 3
4 Clash of Clans Wall Level 4 10,000 16,200 900 4
5 Clash of Clans Wall Level 5 30,000 46,200 1,400 5
6 Clash of Clans Wall Level 6 75,000 121,200 2,000 6
7 Clash of Clans Wall Level 7 200,000 321,200 2,500 7
8 Clash of Clans Wall Level 8 500,000 821,200 3,000 8
9 Clash of Clans Wall Level 9 1,000,000 1,821,200 4,000 9
10 Clash of Clans Wall Level 10 3,000,000 4,821,200 5,500 9
11 Clash of Clans Wall Level 11 4,000,000 8,821,200 7,000 10
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