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Clash of Clans Mortar

In Clash of Clans the Mortar is the first area effect defense building unlocked. Targeting ground troops only, the Mortar is a slow firing, but high damage artillery weapon.

Mortars have a large range and damage multiple units in one shot, however their downside is they cannot target close range troops. For this reason it is a good idea to surround your Mortar with walls.

It’s advisable to keep your Mortars near the center of your base, allowing them to target ground troops from a far. Mortars excel against compact groups of stationary ground troops, fast moving troops can be a problem because they can move out of the way by the time the Mortar shot hits the ground.

Mortars are venerable to air attacks and you should therefore put some air defenses within range to defend them. They also have relatively low hitpoints and are quickly destroyed once targeted by several troops.

Upgrading your Mortar increases its damage and hitpoints. The table below breaks down the build cost and the attack stats for each upgrade level.


Build CostClash of Clans Coin

Build Time

XPClash of Clans XP
Damage per
SecondClash of Clans Damage
Damage per
ShotClash of Clans Damage
PointsClash of Clans Hit Points
Town Hall
1 8,000 8h 169 4 20 400 3
2 32,000 12h 207 5 25 450 4
3 120,000 1d 293 6 30 500 5
4 400,000 2d 415 7 35 550 6
5 800,000 4d 587 8 40 590 7
6 1,600,000 5d 657 9 45 610 8
7 3,200,000 7d 777 11 55 630 9
8 6,400,000 10d 929 13 65 670 10
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