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Clash of Clans Gold Mine

In Clash of Clans the Gold Mine generates Gold for you passively over time. There is no limit to the amount of Gold it will collect; however there is a storage limit based on the Gold Mines level.

Once the Gold Mine is full it will stop collecting until you transfer it to your Gold Storage (by tapping on the mine), or another player raids your Town and steals the Gold.

Upgrading your Gold Mine increases the production rate and storage. You should note that whilst it is upgrading that no Gold is collected. After level 5 you can double production for 24 hours by using gems.

You should consider placing your Gold Mines outside your walls providing you transfer the Gold to your storage regularly. An attacker can steal up to 50% of the Gold in the mine.

Although relatively cheap to upgrade, the long build time will result in a temporary loss in Gold production. At higher levels it can take a considerable amount of time before you “break even” after upgrading a Gold Mine i.e. when the extra boost produces enough Gold to replace the amount lost.

The table below breaks down the build cost, production rate and the storage for the Gold Mine.

CostClash of Clans Elixir

XPClash of Clans XP

ProductionClash of Clans Gold Coin

CapacityClash of Gold Coin
to Fill

HitpointsClash of Clans Hitpoints
Town Hall
1 150 1m 7 200/hr 500 2h 30m 0s 400 1
2 300 5m 17 400/hr 1,000 2h 30m 0s 450 1
3 700 15m 30 600/hr 1,500 2h 30m 0s 500 2
4 1,400 1h 60 800/hr 2,500 3h 7m 30s 550 2
5 3,000 2h 84 1,000/hr 10,000 10h 0m 0s 590 3
6 7,000 6h 146 1,300/hr 20,000 15h 23m 5s 610 3
7 14,000 12h 207 1,600/hr 30,000 18h 45m 0s 630 4
8 28,000 1d 293 1,900/hr 50,000 1d 2h 18m 660 4
9 56,000 2d 415 2,200/hr 75,000 1d 10h 5m 680 5
10 84,000 3d 509 2,500/hr 100,000 1d 16h 0m 710 5
11 168,000 4d 587 3,000/hr 150,000 2d 2h 0m 750 7
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