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Clash of Clans Bomb

In Clash of Clans The bomb is one of the early traps unlocked and explodes as an attacking troop comes into proximity. Like all traps the bomb is hidden from attacking players until detonated. Once it explodes it will damage all troops within a 3 tile radius of the explosion.

Once your bomb has been detonated it will need to be rearmed after the battle has finished in order to be used again. There is a rearm cost which is dependent on the bomb’s level and can be seen in the table below.

The bomb does take a second or so to activate and therefore fast moving troops such as goblins can out run the explosion. They work best in open areas where groups of troops are bunched up together, resulting in maximum area effect damage.

Bombs are first unlocked at Town Hall level 3 where you can build two straight away. At Town Hall level 10 you can build a maximum of 6.

Upgrading your Bomb increases its damage and rearm cost. The table below breaks down the build cost and the damage for each upgrade level.

Level Build CostClash of Clans Coin Rearm CostClash of Clans Coin Build Time XPClash of Clans XP DamageClash of Clans Damage Town Hall Level
1 400 400 - - 12 3
2 1,000 500 15m 30 16 3
3 10,000 600 2h 84 20 5
4 100,000 700 8h 169 26 7
5 1,000,000 800 1d 293 34 9
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