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Boom Beach Scorcher

In Boom Beach the Scorcher is a heavily armored tank with a flame-thrower instead of artillery. They are slow moving and high heath units, that self destruct on death causing area effect damage.

Scorchers have the highest hit points in the game, but have relatively low damage. This makes them ideal to use as meat shields, soaking up damage and defending your other troops. Scorchers are the only unit in the game that actually require energy to deploy, costing 12 energy per unit to land.

Scorchers take up 21 spaces on a landing craft, which means you will only be able to fit one per craft. This coupled with their high cost, long training time and deployment cost, will mean you will probably only send one or two per attack.

Zookas are a good combo if you can keep them behind your Scorchers, as they will add much needed damage to an attack. Scorchers will periodically switch targets, even if a building has not been destroyed. This can be a problem as they are much harder to control than normal troops. Careful use of flares can help here.

The blast on destruction not only causes damage to surrounding buildings, but also your own troops. For this reason you need to be careful of your scorchers position as its hit points drop close to zero.

To defend against Scorchers you need to spread your Boom Cannons, Cannons and Boom Mines out carefully, as these will cause the most damage to the Scorcher.

The tables below outline the stats for each upgrade level and the general stats applicable to the Scorcher.

Upgrade Stats


HealthBoom Beach Hit Points

DPSBoom Beach Damage
Damage on
DestructionBoom Beach Damage
CostBoom Beach Gold
CostBoom Beach Gold
gainBoom Beach XP
1 25,000 350 3,500 25,000 - - - -
2 26,800 385 3,850 30,000 5,400,000 18 4d 10h 102
3 28,600 424 4,240 35,000 5,900,000 18 4d 10h 102
4 30,600 466 4,660 40,000 6,500,000 19 4d 16h 105
5 32,800 512 5,120 45,000 7,100,000 19 4d 16h 105
6 35,000 564 5,640 50,000 7,200,000 19 4d 16h 105
7 37,500 620 6,200 55,000 7,600,000 20 4d 19h 107
8 40,000 682 6,820 60,000 8,000,000 20 4d 19h 107

General Stats

Training Time Movement Speed Range Attack Speed Landing Craft Space Headquarters Level
50m 23 33-70 0.5s 21 18
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